Balanced stickcare

  • 85.0% Natural (ISO 16128)

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This stick is a technical feat. Formulated without stearate, with a physiological pH, it is composed of 50% water. It thus allows the incorporation at the same time of hydrophilic and lipophilic credits. Its substantivity confers qualities of true galenic care to him.

An active ingredient derived from the red kakopia flower, of a polysaccharide nature, makes it possible to develop formulas capable of acting on the well-being of women. An active ingredient that rebalances the skin microbiota and brings sexual comfort to women!
White pearly pigment of small granulometry based on bismuth oxychloride: gives a soft touch to pressed powders and improves pressability.
• Water of aloe vera Bio: brings a capacity hydra􀆟ng and of the freshness to this s􀆟ck care.
Sodium Hyaluronqate: salt of hyaluronic acid which hydrates and plumps up the dehydrated skins.