Global Beauty Consulting

Our mastery in the field of cosmetic formulation techniques allows us to formulate a very wide range of cosmetics and delivery forms, which are used in many areas.

3 pillars :

Global Beauty Consulting provides an all-encompassing service in the field of cosmetics. We handle all the aspects of your project, including formulation and regulation work, the implementation of GMP and assistance in the creation of factories and laboratories.

  • Expertise and quality : We bring out the best in every one of our employees, so that they can use their experience and know-how of the cosmetics industry to offer you increasingly innovating delivery forms and active ingredients. To ensure the organoleptic quality and regulatory compliance of the products, we work closely with trusted and experienced suppliers.
  • Adaptability and openness : From small project owners to international brands, and from a single product to an entire range, we provide a unique level of accompaniment in markets of all types. We also guarantee that your project is protected by full confidentiality.
  • The strength of a network : Our in-depth understanding of the market and industry allows us to turn towards trusted partners (production, packaging, marketing, design, and business development) who stand ready to listen attentively to your preferences and to help you bring your project to life.

Cosmetic subcontractor

Global Beauty Consulting offers an extensive service relating to the development of your fragrances and cosmetic products :

Our services

Thanks to our experience in the cosmetics industry, we are able to work with you on your different projects. We listen attentively to what you have to say, and we adapt our process to your specific needs, providing an extensive product development service or customised assistance on one aspect of our offering.

Our product offering

Through the research and development activities conducted by our team, we are able to regularly come up with new active ingredients and new textures for the customised formulation of your products. In our Inspirations product catalogue, you will also discover our innovating cosmetic and sensory formulae, which can be tweaked to suit your preferences.

Our team

A human-scale team working closely on your projects. Together, we want to offer the utmost level of transparency and responsiveness. We feel it is essential to ensure that we work closely with you and remain attentive to your needs, which is why we appoint a single contact person for your project.

Gaël Gaël
and manager of GBC


Gaël is a born innovator who is busy developing GBC’s strong potential.
Sabrina Sabrina
Regulatory manager


The art of PIF holds no secrets for her. Sabrina ensures that your products are market-compliant.
Leslie Leslie
Formulation technician


Bringing formulas to life is her job! Leslie makes your products with the greatest attention.
Anne-Laure Anne-Laure
of laboratory


With a decade of “Made in Brittany” formulation work under her belt, Anne-Laure uses her extensive expertise to further.
Maëlle Maëlle
Head of the
formulation project


A magician of colours, Maëlle’s passion is clearly reflected in your beautiful makeup and care products.
Chloé Chloé
Head of commercial projects/marketing


Chloé is full of energy and will spare no effort to make sure you are getting the best possible assistance.
Claire Claire
Marketing and communication executive


She knows all there is to know about Instagram and LinkedIn. Claire is working on a two-year work-training contract to make GBC more visible.