Before a marketing authorisation is issued for your products, each cosmetic product must have a Product Information File (PIF) featuring all the test results and cosmetic regulatory assessments.

We oversee the tests necessary to the marketing of cosmetic products. Test management includes:

  • Tolerability tests
  • Efficacy tests
  • Microbiological tests (challenge test, water activity)
  • Toxicology assessment


PIF drafted

export documentation prepared

Your formulas are tested by independent testing institutes and toxicology experts listed under EUROTOX, to ensure your product features the required quality and complies with applicable regulations.

Our team prepares the PIF, registers your products in the CPNP system, and reviews the documents intended for the public (supporting information, packaging, internet site, etc.).

We can also prepare export documentation so that your products are registered internationally.

In parallel, we ensure constant regulatory oversight in the European and international cosmetics industry.