Integr[al] Deodorant

  • 99.3% Natural (ISO 16128)

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The idea of this deodorant was born from the observation of new practices of aesthetic medicine aiming at carrying out injections of botox to block the muscular contractions under the armpits, thus avoiding sweating. And why not? This Integ[ral] Deodorant is not, as its name suggests, an antiperspirant,
but a holistic and comprehensive underarm care with a 360° action.
This solid formula contains very little water, while maintaining an interesting substantivity for this sensitive area. This low water content gives it a strong absorbing power, but this is not the only activity of this deodorant which by its composition naturally limits the swea􀆟ng, transforms the bad smells into
pleasant scents and delays the regrowth of the hair.

Botulinum toxin type peptide: capable of acting in both the pre- and postsynaptic pathways
of muscle contraction.
Active ingredients from Sabal, Fireweed and Squash: hair growth retardant.
Complexe issu de la prêle et de la sauge : natural anti-sudoral.
Fragrance with anti bad smell technology: perfume which acts on the thresholds of olfactive perception making the bad odors pleasant.