Natural Vegan Mascara

  • 99.60% Natural (ISO 16128)

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The creamy, ultra-light and airy texture of this mascara curls the lashes without weighing them down, thanks to the polymers that make it up: a mascara that lasts all day, without clumping. It does not run, move or crumble no matter what our daily activities are (including sports!).
It is also comfortable and suitable for the most sensitive eyes. Cellulose fibers amplify its volumizing effect. The glance is increased, sublimated. Enriched with arginine, this mascara is also a care product: a revitalizing effect that leaves lashes soft to the touch. Finally, the “intense black” pigments amplify the lengthening of the lashes, the gain in volume and this false lash effect! A mascara for all lashes: short, thin, flat or longer!