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  • 95.0% Natural (ISO 16128)

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His emotional mist is a very fluid emulsion that invites the body and the senses to escape. A timeless moment for a perfumed touch.
Minimalist formula, this sensual galenic has the power to close a high percentage of perfume in an alcohol-free formula. Without massage, after its application, no unpleasant sticky sensation, simply the softness of a perfumed veil.
A first powerful active ingredient, made up of polysaccharides of the red kakopier flower, makes it possible to develop formulas able to act on the wellbeing of the women by galvanizing their femininity and their sexual comfort!

A second peptide origin will fight against Scent’aging, the aging of our olfactory imprint. The metaboliza􀆟on of sebaceous secretions and waste from the horny layer by our mircobiota and their oxidation lead, in fact, to the release, from the age of 30, of an odorant molecule characteristic of aging. Not very sexy all that… This active ingredient will come to neutralize this bad odor… A powerful
perfumed intimate care which allows the woman to reach serenity, the release…

• Polysaccharides of the flower of red kapokier (Bombax costatum): active eco-designed which protects the intimate flora (prebio􀆟c effect on the vaginal flora, reduction of the discomforts, hydrates and alleviates, improves the sexual life of the women).
98.98% natural peptide neutralizing Scent’aging