Alcohol-free Fragrance water

  • Natural (ISO 16128)

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This 30% fragrance water is alcohol-free and transparent. It’s a little cosmetic
bombshell that allows us, here too, to use this fragrant gesture as a powerful
skincare routine.

Three key elements make this fragrance a real skincare product:
• A peptide active ingredient to combat Scent’aging, the aging of our olfactory
imprint. The metabolism of sebaceous secretions and stratum corneum waste
by our mircobiota and their oxidation lead to the release, from the age of 30,
of an odor molecule characteristic of aging.
• Triethyl citrate, a recognized solubilizing emollient of natural origin, inhibits
the enzymatic decomposition of sweat constituents, thus preventing odor
formation. It also increases fragrance persistence.
• An active ingredient extracted from vetiver roots improves skin hydration
and enhances fragrance properties, reinforcing its durability and significantly
increasing olfactory intensity several hours after application (up to +25%).